Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Review of 'Taxi No. 9211'

Metre Down….

John Abraham : Hunk – YES. Dreamboat. Drrrrrroooool.
Actor – No.
Nana Patekar : Hunk – Are you out of your mind ?
Actor – A really good one. And in this movie he proves once again that he is brilliant at humour too.

Taxi No. 9211: Entertainment – Yes. Full Paisa Vasool if the viewer switches off his / her brain and ignores some illogical situations. It’s an interesting plot, embellished with John’s yummy good looks and Nana’s hilarious dialogues. The movie drags a bit towards the end where the moral and the message overpower the medium and it becomes a bit soppy, otherwise it’s good fun all the way.

Zenobia D. Driver

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