Monday, February 27, 2006

More on the same

More on the Jessica Lall story. Arnab has expressed things much better than I could, so let me just give you the link to his blog - He has really written a good post on Shayan Munshi turning a hostile witness in the Jessica Lal case.

Here is a link to another interesting article - a judge giving his suggestions on how we should change the prosecution apparatus in order to ensure justice in such cases.

Someone I met yesterday raised a very interesting question, am not sure I answered it at all well, hence am bouncing it off all of you. He said that effectively the media has tried Manu Sharma and found him guilty prematurely, all of us are going purely by the case that the media has built up, and we have no way of actually knowing whether Manu Sharma is guilty or not. My reply was that the way the witnesses retracted evidence and turned hostile stank like hell, and somehow the way the case has progressed does not convince me that the courts or the police have pursued it diligently. Hence I am inclined to believe that Manu Sharma did not deserve to walk away scot free.

Am quite frustrated by this case - it was not a lonely encounter in some dingy back alley, it was in full view of over a hundred people !

I think I will not watch any movie with Shayan Munshi in it in future. But that doesn't mean much - Shayan the loser only has 'Jhankar Beats' to his credit and one has already seen that. So Shayan will not be economically affected in the least by my decision.^%@#$@$%@$%%$%^$ Suddenly the second half of 'Rang De Basanti' makes much more sense. Can imagine Jessica's sister's fingers itching to pull the trigger - mine are itching to slap someone hard, and I never even knew Jessica.

Zenobia D. Driver


Entropy said...

Interesting article -

Anonymous said...

the guy has gone on a thanksgiving pilgrimage.. :)


Entropy said...

One question to everyone - if you met Manu Sharma at a business meeting or a social-do, how would you react ? Would anything be different about meeting him / conversing with him as from meeting any Mr. Xyz ? Would you leave ? Ignore him ? Or go on as usual - meet tons of dishonest people everyday anyway. Most of them don't shoot a person dead, but they sure do screw lots of honest blameless people.

In general, I think most people don't want to ruffle feathers and 'it's not my problem anyway', so such stuff is business as usual.

Entropy said...

Please read this post about a trust in the name of Manjunath Shanmugam, an IOCL employee who was murdered for trying to stop petrol-adulteration. The immediate aim of this trust is to raise money so that Manjunath’s assailants do not walk like Jessica Lal’s murderers did.