Wednesday, February 22, 2006

General thoughts

1) The murders of Satyendranath Dubey and Manjunath Shanmugam have set me thinking. Am I brave at all ? Am I honest ? I think I am honest, and I suppose I am reasonably so in my daily life, but I have never been faced with a life-or-death situation so far. The worst that I have suffered for standing up for what I believe in is right is some temporary animosity, loss of goodwill or a somewhat lower bonus. Would I be able to face a situation where my life was in danger and not buckle under? Suddenly, somehow, I feel smaller, less capable, less secure, less courageous, just…less.

When I was young, I believed I was brave, courageous, a fighter. Now I wonder. I really don’t know. All I have done lately to further the cause of what is right is to refuse to pay auto guys an extra ten bucks – that doesn’t require courage, just obstinacy and the patience to wait for an auto guy who agrees to charge the correct fare.

Does one become more cowardly as one grows older ? or simply more cynical ? or disinclined to take any step that may disturb a comfortable routine ?

2) I heard about the acquittal of the murderers of Jessica Lall while watching the news yesterday. I am appalled at the ineptitude of the Delhi police and the averageness of the eye-witnesses. How is it that over a hundred people saw a man shoot a woman in cold blood, and not one of them had the balls to stick to their testimony ! What strings this Manu Sharma must have pulled !

I doubt whether Manu Sharma would shrink from anything in future – having got away scot-free in this case, am sure he will merrily indulge in all kinds of shady stuff knowing full well that he will not be punished for it.

As for Jessica Lall’s family, wonder how they will find the faith and courage to go on living. What would give them the strength to make decisions based on rightness and justice in the future when they know that the bad guys win in the end ?

Zenobia D. Driver

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Indian said...

I agree. It was really painful to know that all the culprits in Jessica Lal murder case got acquitted. :( I guess, it is high time we wakeup and do something. I mean unless today's youth unites and takes some action, I doubt if things are going to change. People commit crimes and easily get away with it if they are rich and powerful. The dummy law and its guardians just sit there watching helplessly, wonder if they even want to help.

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We need to change ourselves and inspire others to support truth. Its high time.