Thursday, July 05, 2007

Review of 'Vacancy'

Husband and wife- David and Amy Fox (Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale) are driving back home from a party and suddenly they take a detour and their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. They walk a few miles and end up staying at a motel. They are tired and have a long day ahead but unfortunately they are unable to get any sleep as they are constantly bothered by unwelcome noises and visitors that keep them from falling asleep. When they discover some tapes of murders taking place in the very room that they are staying in, they realize that they are next. David and Amy then begin the fight for their lives.
This is ‘Vacancy’ a good suspense and thriller film. I just love these kinds of films. A Sony Pictures Release, the film is due to release in India tomorrow (Friday).
While it is not very different from most suspense thrillers or murder mysteries, it is still a nice fast - paced and well - made film according to me.
Both Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale are good in the film. I was watching Kate Beckinsale after a real long time. The last film I saw of hers after ‘Pearl Harbour’ was ‘The Aviator’.
I liked the characters played by Wilson and Beckinsale. They have arguments that are full of banter and eye rolling. There are some sarcastic statements made here and there to let the audience know why they are so pissed off with each other. There are no flashbacks just lines that explained enough to understand without going into grave detail.
The ending is very simple and not exaggerated. I was entertained though and I am not sure if people who love the horror genre will actually like or love this film. But if you do like smart horror movies instead of dumb ones you will most likely like ‘Vacancy’. So don’t leave a vacant seat, give it a chance.

Anusha Subramanian

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