Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Movie Review : 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

It was 10.15 am on Monday and I was rushing to Eros Mini Theatre where we were going to get the first glimpse of the latest-fifth-cinematic outing ofr J K Rowling's saga ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ’: the film that sees the boy wizard growing up to face the dreadful truth of his destiny.

In this latest flick Harry Porter painfully begins to understand the battles with evil that lie ahead. The film is good and gives us thrills and fun we have not already had in previous installments.

The latest film is far more merciless than the earlier ones and begins to introduce properly the idea that we are no longer in an amusing magical playground, but are en route to an epic confrontation with real victims.

The main story is how trouble brews as Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts begins. The authorities are ignoring Harry and Dumbledore's warnings of Voldemort's return, causing his fellow classmates to view him with disdain.

As all of you familiar with the book know, Order Of The Phoenix's story is about the magical world being split into two -- one half believes Harry and Dumbledore and the other believes the Ministry and its spin doctor, the Daily Prophet, who are out to make it look like Harry is a delusional fool and the Hogwarts headmaster a conniving, power-hungry wizard.

Harry suffers from nightmares, but even worse is the new defense against the Dark Arts teacher, the poisonous-in-pink Dolores Umbridge. She is the new witch who assumes control at Hogwarts, throwing the entire school into chaos. She is thoroughly dislikeable in the film and reminds us of some of our most hated school teachers.

The acting skills of Radcliffe (Harry), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Emma Watson (Hermione) have improved. Evanna Lynch as the eccentric Luna Lovegood has done a brilliant acting job. You feel sorry for her just as you do in the books.

The film is darker than all the previous films. The special effects along with the photography, locales and background score have all moved a notch above.

All Harry Porter fans and even those who aren’t his fans should like this one.



Moksh Juneja said...

This movie has to always go that one notch up and up. Is any form of Quidittich shown in the movie or are they just highlighting the DA?

Entropy said...

I saw the movie yesterday.
No Quidditch. Sigh.
Thoroughly enjoyable otherwise.
But didn’t find the depiction of Lord Voldemort scary at all. He-Who-shall-not-be-named-has-a-stocking-over-his-head. Why ? Just not good enough in this age of studly special effects.