Friday, April 27, 2007

Tap - Tap - Tapori

I know this blog is beginning to resemble a refuge for nostalgic old fogeys, but I don’t care as long as I have fun and not too many people crib !
This post is a retrospective of ridiculous tapori songs that were popular when most of us were in college or had just started working; most of these songs had either Salman Khan or Govinda as the male lead and Karishma Kapoor or Raveena Tandon as the female lead; they were also noteworthy for a marked lack of melody and an overabundance of random dance steps (often bordering on the vulgar, esp song no.9 and 27 ).

1. Tan-tana-tan-tan-tan-taaraa, chalti hai kya nau se baaraah ? shaam ke show ki do ticktein hain, khol ke purse batlaaoon; samajh na mujhko aisa-waisa, mere batue mein hai paisa………
One of the nicest tapori songs, never fails to make me laugh, it’s just too funny.

2. Jungle hai aadhi raat hai, lagne laga hai dar………………………….darne waali kya baat hai, jab saath mein ho dilbar, aajaa meri baahon mein, soja rakhke sar
More a cute song than a tapori one, included it because it starred the King and Queen of taporigiri, Salman and Karisma

3. Neeche paan ki dukan, oopar gori ka makaan
Does this sound familiar to someone on the blog ?
I thought this was a part of a Salman Khan song, but one of my colleagues just informed me that this is part of an old Shashi Kapoor song

4. Maine paidal se jaa raha tha, tune saikal (cycle) se jaa rahi thi, kiya tring tring ka ishaaraa, mujhe badnaam kiya re
A song that my brother loved, for the way it murdered grammar and the way the hero cribbed about the heroine ruining his reputation (quite an unbelievable role reversal that – could anyone ruin Govinda’s reputation ?)

5. Tu mera, tu mera, tu mera, tu mera, tu mera Hero no. 1
I remember the camera focussing on Karisma’s shapely rear end as it swayed like a pendulum in time to the music

6. Ladki kamaal ki yeh akhiyon se goli mare
Hilarious number – totally arbit dance steps; Govinda and Raveena

7. Gore gore mukhde pe kaalaa kaalaa chashma, tauba khuda khair kare, khoob hai karishma
And the song starred Raveena if I remember correctly

8. Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
Hate this song. It sounds awful, and is quite cheap. And at the time it was released (’94), they played it over and over again in the gym where i used to exercise and i associate it with sweat and aching muscles. Other songs I hate because they are irritating and I associate them with the gym are the songs from 'Murder' and hence they shall not be given the status of a separate entry on this list

9. A – aa – eee, u – ooo – o
The most vulgar song possible. With Govinda and Shakti Kapoor

10. Lae gayi, lae gayi, lae gayi, lae gayi, mera dil lai gayi, dekho meri chhamiya mera dil le gayi
Salman and Karishma again

11. Ladki dekhi – moonh se seeti baji haath se taali, ailaa ailaa fuma aiga pori aali aali
(unusual for being picturised on Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Kumar and not on the usual suspects)

12. oye makhna
from ‘Bade Miya, Chhotte Miya’ – a totally awful song that wasted the awesome Madhuri Dixit and Amitabh Bachhan too

13. eek do teen ...
Madhuri in ‘Tezaab’ – the first lady to really shake her booty. Remember this song being a huge hit and lots of people calling it really cheap, yet when I compare it to some of the current songs I wonder what the fuss was about !

14. and the previous song reminded me of….
‘Dil dhak dhak karne laga’
Madhuri again in a song which was described by one of my friends as ‘the one where Madhuri forgets she has arms and uses other appendages to move while dancing’

15. and while on those appendages, who can forget ‘Choli ke peechhe kya hai’ ?
A song n dance number replete with double entendres, Ila Arun’s voice, Neena Gupta, Madhuri Dixit and a lecherous Sanjay Dutt; a well choreographed colourful number from “Khalnayak’

16. And then there is Sushmita dancing to ‘Chunari Chunari’, a foot-tapping, energetic number that always makes me want to get up and dance; the song also appeared in the movie ‘Monsoon Wedding’

17. Aati kya khandala
Though picturised on a tapori (Aamir Khan), the song was actually more cute than tapori

18. Aaee shivani...
Sanjay Dutt and Urmila Matondkar

19. Apun bola tu meri laila..
Ash and Shah Rukh – another more-cute-than-tapori song; a petulant Shahrukh complaining to his sister Aishwarya about his failure to win over his ladylove

20. Main to raste se jaa raha tha………..tujhe mirchi lagi tho main kya karoon
Govinda and Karishma dancing to a song that almost became an anthem for some time

21. Ishq hai diwana roop ka khazana aaj hai lootana
The Badshah of Taporiness Govinda and his able consort Karishma. Can’t stand this song, isn’t this the one where she is in a hideous golden outfit with a weird hairdo – in her pre-Manish Malhotra make-over phase

22. Main aaye hoon UP Bihar lootne
Shilpa Shetty ??

23. Kya ada kya jalwe tere paro, dil ke tukde ho gaye huzaaron; jaayegi ab jaan bhi meri, aankh naa maaro
Sunil Shetty and Anjali Jathar, good fun song
I remember all of us in our hostel randomly irritating all our friends called Paro - every Priyanka, Paromita etc

24. Chamma Chamma baaje re meri painjaniya
Urmila Matondkar and many lecherous old men

25. Shehar ki ladki.....
Raveena and Sunil Shetty....this is one of my fave songs.. Ravs looks like a million bucks in this song (p.s. The comment on Raveena’s looks is not by me – Zen)

26. Koi tujhse acchi milegi nahin, koi tujhse kum bhi chalegi nahin, aa meri life banaade, aa meri life banaade
Hilarious song, picturised on Raveena and Salman

27. Sarkailiyo khatiya jaada lage...
One of the songs that started off the totally tapori trend. Starred Govinda and Karishma, was totally vulgar

28. Meri pant bhi sexy, meri shirt bhi sexy……………..yeh rumaal bhi sexy hai
Quite a cute song starring Karishma, the word ‘sexy’ created quite a furore back then

29. Gore gore mukhde pe kaalaa kaalaa chashma
Nagma and Govinda - and Govinda with a beard if I remember right

30. Mujh se shaadi karogi....
Salman, Priyanka and Akshay

31. Dekha jo tujhe yaar man mein baji guitar...
Koena Mitra and Ritesh Deshkmukh

32. Bidi jalayle jigar se piya
Bips, Saif and Vivek; awesome song, very catchy, great lyrics by Gulzar – however does he manage to be so classy And so tapori !

33. Kajrare
Aishwarya, Abhishek and Amitabh – everyone knows this song

(p.s. Let me make it clear that I know all these songs because I watch a lot of MTV and Channel V – not because I actually watch Salman and Govinda movies. I don’t, honest. - Zen)

Before I end this post, let me mention that most of the information here has been reproduced from memory – so please feel free to add a comment if you wish to add more info or songs to the list, or to correct lyrics etc.

Also how about voting for the favourite tapori song. My vote goes to ‘koi tujhse acchhi milegi nahin’

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Anita said...

Actually Koi tujhse acchi milegi nahin had Salman and Raveena. Picturised in a race track somewhere.
the full list is pretty nice and covers quite a bit!

Manu said...

Two significant omissions:
1. Tap Tap Tapori
Aajoo bajoo aane wale, daayein baayein jaane wale saare kahte hain humein Tapori, tap tap tapori.
Salman Khan in Baaghi. This was the first song that used the word Tapori so much that everyone in India knew what Tapori meant

2. Kisi disco mein jaayein uunh uunh
Raveena and Govinda classic

Entropy said...

the second song is Om levels tapori song. I bow to your taporiness.

Rohini said...

I was just going to add the second one too

Entropy said...

Let us not forget
1. Daag (movie) starring Mithun, Ayesha Jhulka, with the song "kabootar" - never figured out that one.
2. "You are my chicken-fry" - a Bappi Lahiri song featuring Samantha Fox (whose last name Bappida modified to F-uh-x).
3. There was a rap song by Govinda with lyrics "madhuri dixit mili raste mein, khaye chane hamne saste mein, usne kaha tere sang shaadi rachaoon, ghar tere aake main parathe pakaoon ..."
4. "Love rap" in a Nana Patekar movie - it was filmed on Nana Patekar and some oldish acress making a comeback.
5. Wasn't there a song about mirchi?
6. Darwaza khula chhod aayi neend ke maare
Again, the miracles of watching ChannelV.

Entropy said...

and this topic has been also tackled at greatbong :


Aqua said...

LOL :) what a list...had me in splits. also brought back horrific memories of karishma kapoor in her drag-queen-meets-hijra days. remember those caterpillar eyebrows and little girlies frocks she used to prance around in next to a chaddi clad shakti kappooor ewww...painful memories. ouch!

Entropy said...

Hi Aqua,
Drag-queen-meets-hijra is the Most accurate description of Karisma's appearance in her initial movies.
Don't forget the vague hairstyles, they puffy pout and the bright red lipstick.

And my list lacks this brilliant song that I just remembered :
'tumsa koi pyaaraa koi maasoom nahin hai, kya cheez ho tum khud tumhe maaloom nahin hai'.

And do you remember that funny hero from her first movie - Harish I think his name was - in some scenes he looked more feminine than Karisma.



Aqua said...

@zen: yes i regret to painfully report that i do indeed remember the harish fellow with a baby version of sai baba's hair. in certain scenes of karishma's first movie, you couldn't tell them apart :) from hijraben to plasticdoll...aby baby has arrived!

Entropy said...

Heh heh heh heh
How come i missed this nasty side of yours when we were on campus, Aqua ? Thoroughly approve of your bitchiness.
As for Aby Baby and his wedding, have polled cabbies in Bombay and found that most believe that the marriage won't last.
Am wondering whether I should mail this info to the Times Of India - they will probably put it on the first page of the newspaper - 'xy % of taxi drivers in Mumbai believe that the AbhiAsh marriage is dommed to fail. This is in contrast to zw % of dabbawallahs who believe it will succeed'. what a newspaper !


Entropy said...

I just remembered another brilliant tapori song - 'humma humma' from the movie 'Bombay'.
Sonali Bendre looked awesome in the song. Song had a real foot-tapping beat too.

Anita said...

hey. i protest against 'tumsa koi pyaaraa koi maasoom nahin hai' being classified as a tapori song. Given the other songs of the Govinda-Karishma combo, it is practically classical music.

Hmm. I remember Harish. He had teen girl pimples to suit his hair.

Qn - Do you Karishma could wriggle her eyebrows before she shaped them? I bet she could

Entropy said...

Hi Anita,
Agree on your critique of the erroneous classification of the song. :-)
Incidentally, I think it was not Govinda who was the hero of this movie, but someone else - all I can remember is that he had a moustache.

Aqua said...

LOL. Zen, you forgot to mention they have an entire section devoted to abiash (or is it abiwarya)'s wedding with sections like "wish the happy couple" *rolls eyes*

and how you be anita?

Anonymous said...

4. Maine paidal se jaa raha tha, tune saikal (cycle) se jaa rahi thi, kiya tring tring ka ishaaraa, mujhe badnaam kiya re
A song that my brother loved, for the way it murdered grammar and the way the hero cribbed about the heroine ruining his reputation (quite an unbelievable role reversal that – could anyone ruin Govinda’s reputation ?)

Where the hell does this word 'cribbed' comes from. There is no such word in English for the context you are using. Its only Indians using this word for such a context. Please go and see the meaning of this word in any dictionary. I think grammatically you too are as wrong as your brother.

PagalPatrakar said...

@Anonymous: There is actually a word "cribbed" and its appropriately used in this STFU