Monday, April 16, 2007

Part 3 (Week 8): taking stock

Counted about 10 gray hairs. Considered writing a will, but changed my mind.

The electricity company was going to cut off the power … forgot to pay the bill. Giving up the home management ever since Priya took it over has made me soft. Paid the bill.

Sometime in week 6, it became clear that not all the things I was told I could indulge myself in have been done. Going out to get boozed up became a chore – the booze sessions themselves were great, a lovely time was had by all, but the next days … ooh, enough to make a fellow give up drinking. Plus single-friends are more interested in going on dates ( i.e, not dinner with me), while married friends – well, they usually have family full-time, don't they?

The gym membership went away, so no racquetball. On the other hand, I did go cycling once a week.

The yard was all soggy and wet and cold from this never-ending winter, so the vegetable planting has not happened. But I did tear out the grass around the apple tree and do the edging and the tilling in anticipation of warmer weather. And the garlic from last winter has come up looking healthy … and the squash saplings are doing well in the garage.

I did not go for watercolor classes, even once. They took the camera to India, so no photos either. My first attempt at developing film at home did not work, only two photos developed correctly. I dropped the plan for learning to play the guitar … who'm I gonna impress anyway? An Indian guy with flecks of grey trying to sing Beatles songs with a Liverpudlian accent (by way of Bombay) just sounds creepy.

KidB turned one while in Desh, and needs front-facing car seat. All modifications done to the car (went with a new booster seat for KidA and decided to let KidB inherit KidA's seat). KidB will hate her parents for the hand-me-downs, but then, she'll hate me anyway by the time she's a teen.

I still can't make sense of the Cibo Matto song, "Sci-Fi Wasabi." I did, however, finally listen to Queen's "Night at the Opera".

Time to go to the airport, need to get Priya home to throw that cabbage (who'm I kidding – I threw it yesterday). Never did update that spreadsheet with the list of foods from the first day or so … darn!

Thus ends my brief visit to bachelorhood. Ugh.

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rads said...

You narrate well :)