Friday, January 14, 2011

Catching up with an old friend

Welcome in,
Ignore the untidiness -
I haven’t changed much, you see.

Make space
Toss newspapers aside -
Always room for you here, somewhere.

Do you like tea ?
Or filter coffee ?
Some memories have faded with time, and age.

Listen to music
And slowly unwind,
Let’s not catch up with each other’s lives, not yet.

A remark
Or two, stray details,
Meandering conversation, so content.



Anita said...

oh gosh Zen! You are getting pretty good at writing this stuff.

Entropy said...

Thank you.

Nafisa said...

very nice zen! you forgot something chocolate.

Entropy said...

Hi Nafu,
Glad you liked the poem.

Hot chocolate not available in my house. That is for when I visit tidy friends' houses.