Friday, May 11, 2007

Review of '13 Tzameti'

One of the most interesting movies I have seen in recent times.

Best described as a ‘suspense’ movie, ‘13 Tzameti’ had me on the edge of my seat in quite a few scenes, nervously wondering what was going to happen next. A movie with an unusual theme that is very well executed (pun intended). Words used to describe it in other reviews that I read were ‘taut’, ‘gripping’, ‘perverse’, ‘wicked’ – all of which are equally true. The central story of the film is twisted and evil, but in a fascinating way.

‘13 Tzameti’ is a French movie, and has English sub-titles - having to read the sub-titles in no way detracts from the enjoyment of the movie – dialogue is quite unnecessary to understand this movie. It is shot entirely in black-and-white, and that somehow heightens the edgy mood of the movie.

The movie begins with a slow half-hour and then slowly ratchets up the tension. The hero Sebastian is a poor construction worker. When his employer dies without paying him, he decides to take the employer’s place in a job which promised a lot of money. He blindly follows instructions and ends up a part of a vicious game of Russian roulette.

Telling you more would detract from the movie, so I will end by urging everyone to watch the movie.

Zenobia D. Driver

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