Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eight weeks of vacation from the family – a blog in 3 parts

Part 1 (Week 1)


Wife and kids are off to India. On the one hand, I’m scared that the younger one (KidB) will forget me, and many months of making it clear that I am the cool parent will go wasted. On the other hand, the older one (KidA), will not forget me, will not keep insisting, “I want to do it myself, I’m a big girl now!” (footnote 1)

KidB will remember when I meet her on her return. 8 weeks. No crayon pieces in the carpet, no bland food, all the photo scanning I want to do, all the alternative rock music I want to listen to.


It is now 2 days, and already things are looking up. I’ve put away 2 (possibly 3) weeks of laundry. I’ve vacuumed the living room, and suddenly no ants! They were after the crumbs of oatmeal cereal that the kids keep putting into the carpet. The telephone wiring project that I’d been working on for 3 years is now done, no exposed wires, they’re all in the drywall. The garage plant-lighting fixture is being designed. Life is becoming efficient.

I finally listened to the Ace of Base CDs I ripped a few months ago. Ace of Base were catchy, but not all that good. Disappointed.

I have a spreadsheet with all the food in the fridge listed. I’m checking things off as they get consumed. But mostly I have it so I can remember that I need to finish those things. There’s too much milk in the fridge (footnote 2). Crisis will be averted by asking healthy friends to consume it. Pray for the best.

Footnotes for part 1
1. One of her favorite DVDs is “Potty Power,” with the theme song, “I can do it myself, I’m a big kid now, I can do it myself, I got potty power now.” After you hear it seven times, you kinda like it, esp. if it helps with potty training.
2. I don’t tolerate dairy too well, except for ice-cream. Strange, innit?


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