Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Morning Rain

(This post was written on the morning it rained in Bombay)

This morning I realised why every paisa of rent I pay for my house is well worth it. I woke up to find the sky overcast, and a lovely smell of rain in the air. Then I walked up to the window and looked out; on one side I saw a garden surrounded by a fence sprinkled with white flowers, pristine white after being washed clean by the rain; on the other side I could see the vast expanse of the sea, capped by a greyish-blue cloudy sky. Here and there the unending blue sheet of the sea was broken by a spray of vigorous white as a wave hit a rock. What a lovely way to begin a new day, a new week.
Am so looking forward to the monsoon now !

Zenobia D. Driver


Aqua said...

where do you live in mumbai?...sounds like an awesome place!

and lovely post Zen..could almost smell the rain myself :)

Entropy said...

Hi Aqua,
Long time, no hear.
Live in Bandra.

Glad you liked the post. Thanks for the compliment. :-)