Monday, November 20, 2006

Just a short ramble

Just a short post – written in a hurry – that’s my excuse for any factual or grammatical errors.

This post is prompted by a stray comment a friend made about the results of a reality dance competition called ‘Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa’ - we behave in small groups exactly in the same manner in which we behave as a nation, and vote on irrelevant criteria for the wrong person.

Before I continue, let me admit that I have watched all of ten minutes of one episode of ‘Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa’ and have read about it once or twice in the papers – that’s all the background there is to this post. The finals of JDJ had Mona Singh (Jassi) competing against Shweta Salve, and the results were decided by viewer’s votes. Shweta Salve was the superior dancer by far, but Mona Singh had the popularity of her Jassi days to support her and she won. This led my friend to comment that if we Indians keep voting on the basis of irrelevant criteria, then we deserve the kind of leaders we have.


Entropy said...

Though pretty brief, your post definitely is true. When I was in college, the vote bank for the girl who was elected Cultural Secretary was pretty high because she was really fair. Looks like same people also voted for Amma at some point…

Anita B.

Aqua said...

i had posted about this too. the indian audience votes emotionally...not logically i think. and mona singh campaiging for votes saying "main aaap ki jasssi hoon...mujhe vote dijiyay" didn'te help either.

Entropy said...

Hi Aqua,
Long time, no see.

You Lazy bum ! please copy the link to your post on the same topic here. Else I will have to do that (me lazier than you).