Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Over the Hill

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I turned 30 yesterday. I am old. I am over the hill. I am middle-aged.

The way I spent my birthday totally symbolises this transition from the twenties to the thirties.

Saturday Night – Still 29…

Went to Zenzi with some girlfriends.

Saw John Abraham at the restaurant and made two (unnecessary) trips to the loo to get a closer look (he's cute...)

Had an entire bottle of wine

Came home to find husband waiting with a surprise midnight birthday cake

Ate Maggi for dinner at 2 in the morning

Slept at 3 a.m.

Sunday and my birthday – 30 plus

Went to the Marriot for a super-expensive and super-relaxing massage (birthday gift from husband)

Had to fill a form prior to massage – and mention my new age

Sunday is the maid’s afternoon off so came home and fed and generally tended to my son

Went to Jogger’s Park with husband and son and interacted with other kids and their parents

Came home and put Ayaan to bed

Cooked dinner with husband (our new definition of a romantic dinner)

Watched Desperate Housewives

Went to sleep at 11 p.m.

Rohini Haldea

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