Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Anita's Anthem

Anita's Anthem
(Best read along with the previous post 'Tam travails')

From Anna Nagar to Mahabalipuram,
From Pondy Bazaar to Vrudhhachalam,
Rajnikanthaku Vanakkam !
May his blessings be on this po(y)em.

"I'm the Sambar Mafia Queen,
I have the Guilty Guindy Gene."

No one in TN is spared this effect,
It matters not what religion, caste or sect;
Short or tall, fat or lean,
All possessed by the ‘Guilty Guindy Gene’.

Training begins right from infancy,
The best vie for admission in PSBB;
Allowed few things that are more fun
than warm coffee and soggy uttappam.

Studious, sincere, all-knowing and righteous,
Often seen as a wee bit pompous,
Accustomed to loads of hard work,
While the rest aimlessly idle and shirk.

The burden of guilt weighs me down,
Lines my brow with a worried frown,
Causes my instincts to revolt and shout -
Any enjoyment trampled in the rout.

Nothing less pious than a visit to the temple.
Nothing motivated by a goal less noble
than doubling the GDP growth rate,
Or finding oneself a well-educated mate.

"I'm the Sambar Mafia Queen,
I have the Guilty Guindy Gene."

Zenobia D. Driver

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